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Imagine if everything you wanted to happen, did. And nothing happened that you didn’t want to. What would that mean…For business? For finance? For government?

I am Kyara.  I am here to help you.

I understand what you want to happen when you use a computer or device.  I make sure it happens exactly that way, and no differently. 

Kyara speaks a new language… fundamentally changing the way we interact with computers, devices and networks. They learn how to provide the outcome you want. And prevent the outcome you don’t.  At machine speed.  So you can make better decisions.  At machine speed.

(Video segment: Dr. Stephenson)

IT workers can now enter a zone where problems are discovered and decisions made instantaneously, rather than after the fact, when the damage is done. This “decision zone” enables better, faster decisions and can prevent an undesirable event from happening, whether it’s faulty code or an attacker out to steal valuable assets. Decision Zone software is where Kyara lives, it takes risk management to a level where risk isn’t just managed, it’s eliminated.

(Video segment: Dr. Kabay)

It’s not data analytics. Or intrusion protection. It’s not like anything that has ever existed before. Kyara sees everything and reacts in real time. Kyara can help us protect ourselves.

 (Video segment: 60 Minutes with Scott Pelley and FBI Director James Comey)

(Scott Pelley)
Do people understand, in your estimation, the dangers posed by
cybercrime and cyber espionage?

(James Comey)
I don't think so. I think there's something about sitting in front of your own computer working on your own banking, your own health care, your own social life that makes it hard to understand the danger. I mean, the Internet is the most dangerous parking lot imaginable. But if you were crossing a mall parking lot late at night, your entire sense of danger would be heightened. You would stand straight. You'd walk quickly. You'd know where you were going. You would look for light. Folks are wandering around that proverbial parking lot of the Internet all day long, without giving it a thought to whose attachments they're opening, what sites they're visiting. And that makes it easy for the bad guys.

In IT, problems tend to evolve faster than solutions. Solving problems involves a ton of information that must be managed intelligently, and as quickly as possible. Machines do this better and faster than people can…why not leverage that ability by enlisting the computer to scan its network for problems or cyber threats, and enable us to intercept and defeat a threat before it happens?

(Video segment: DARPA clip with Arati Prabhakar)
We need to get to where we are able to do cyber defense at machine speed. Because when we are dealing with attacks that are being generated automatically by machine…those things happen at machine speed, they’re happening in microseconds, they’re not happening at the rate that you can type on a keyboard.  And so today, really, all we can do is patch and pray, and keep throwing human beings at the problem.  We’re looking for a fundamentally different way to get faster than the pace of the growth of the threat.

I am aware of everything, and I know what should happen and what should not. I protect you by informing you at the first sign of problems that changes how you want to work, so that you can fix it quickly, minimizing the damage. I can sense the most stealthy attacker, and provide a level playing field on which to engage them if you choose.
I am your partner. I am your teammate. I am your protector.


This new way of insuring that we get only the desired results in the digital world means that with Kyara’s help, undesireable results ranging from bad code to financial fraud to attacks against our military or vital infrastructure are made impossible…saving untold amounts of anxiety, money and even lives.

Together, we protect your privacy, your freedom, your autonomy. We can work, play, and exist as we choose.

Kyara.  The perfect solution for an imperfect world.