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If your messaging layer is compromised, so is your infrastructure.

The ability to rely on your digital communications today is more crucial than ever. The constantly increasing sophistication of those who seek to compromise Big Data, cloud security and networks, and to appropriate digital assets, such as trade secrets, personal data or financial transactions, call for an approach that eliminates the attack at the command and control level. That approach is Decision Zone’s dzShield, an innovative solution to cyber security that concentrates on the messaging layer, instantaneously identifies every malicious application-to-application message and stops its execution in even the most advanced cyber threats.

All informational systems have applications, which basically orchestrate internal messages within a messaging infrastructure to execute tasks, such as printing or copying a document. Hackers exploit this messaging infrastructure by targeting networks with their own applications, inserting messages that trigger various malicious actions. dzShield’s Digital Process Management (DPM) engine examines every message on the wire in real time and analyzes their compliance with a three dimensional model it created of known and trusted processes (basically standard operating procedures) an organization uses to conduct business. dzShield allows only messages that comply with the model to execute, and stops internal or external network intrusion by turning noncompliant messages off, effectively disabling them before they can cause any damage...in other words, enabling a proactive response rather than one which occurs after the fact (or after the data has been breached).

The message is the medium.

The DPM Technology is data, software, vendor and protocol agnostic. By focusing on only application-to-application
messaging, where any intrusion can be readily identified, it authorizes millions of messages a second, rapidly and continually authenticating only those that comply with the model of how an organization conducts business, which includes timing, sequence, and duration. The software learns an organization’s processes via flowcharts prepared by business process engineers, and compares messages in motion to trusted and registered processes in the model, evaluating the authenticity of all messages, identifying anomalies and stopping execution. dzShield knows immediately whether a message is valid or not, and prevents software from touching other software
without proper authentication.

If your messaging layer is compromised, so is your infrastructure.

dzShield’s Behavioral Modeling Engine analyzes audit trails of correct events generated by the DPM engine using advanced data analytics to identify anomalous processes, user behavior, and to identify anomalies that get past the DPM engine. dzShield places data into RAM, facilitating extremely fast data analysis compared to traditional methods. In the case of a Snowden-like internal breach, the software would alert administrators in real time that Snowden opened a cloud storage account, uploaded data, and closed the account. None of what Snowden did was possible without application-to-application messaging, which is actively monitored 100% by dzShield.

The dzShield dashboard, with configurable alert functions, activation of other applications in response, as well as audit trail configuration and reporting, simplifies the administration of security and the process of responding to alerts in a timely manner. It also helps manage authorizations and subscriptions.

dzShield is scalable, fast, and wholly compatible with all network hardware, operating systems, applications, and encrypted environments. It supports real-time, high and low bandwidth applications, including streaming video, using minimal system resources. Service providers and OEM vendors can provide added security by incorporating dzShield into their offerings.

dzShield has been selected as an approved vendor in our Hack Zero program. Hack Zero is an initiative launched to evaluate and deploy best-of-breed cyber security solutions, provide the best fit for a given organization, and serve as a platform for establishing cyber security best practices. Hack Zero is a pledge that we will employ the best products and methodology towards the achievement of our goal...total security in cyberspace.

On Point Cyber Inc. is the authorized agent for sales, service and support of Hack Zero solutions, such as dzShield.