Bunker Door


I’m on an island surrounded by the sea
And I can’t get to where I really need to be
I need somebody, person, place or thing
To come and rescue me from what is happening

If you believe that there’s a boat, a boat that you can find
With a sturdy hull to float, to float inside your mind
This boat was sent for  you, take my hand and get on board
Just find yourself a place as we set sail towards
Survival towards survival

Too many voices, telling you what’s true
Too many choices, till you don’t know what to do
Go find a quiet place and learn how to be still
And you will find your way if you can find the will

There will be ropes to tile and sails that we must mend
But we will make this trip until the very end
We are all passengers but we are also crew
So let’s get busy ‘cause there’s lots of work to do