Bunker Door


Used to seem to me, life was all about stuff
Funny how the more I got, it never seemed to be enough
Amid the trappings I never saw the trap
It’s hard to move when you’ve got too much in your lap

So much, it was all about so much, and I knew I had
No touch of what it’s all about
So much, all I got is just so much, I guess I had
No such luck to find it out

When I take a look, you know it really makes me sad
Never thought of what I did but only what I had
‘Cause in a moment everything can turn
And all the things I know come much too late to learn

If there was a way I wish that I could go back
Try and lead a different life, to take another tack
‘Cause I’ve got nothing that I could base it on
I thought my time had come but it’s already gone