Bunker Door


The path is strewn with fallen leaves, the path is made of dirt
The path has lots of twists and turns, the path will make you hurt
The path will take you to the crest, the path can help you see
The path will help you find your way back home eventually

And the path collects the fallen rain, it’s muddy til it dries
And the path goes on and on and on, the path will make you wise if you look insideā€¦the path gets wide

The path puts breezes in your face, the path can smell like smoke
The path has lots of pretty flowers, the path has poison oak
The path has bridges you must cross and hills that you must climb
The path will take you there and back, the path will take your time

The path is sometimes in the shade and sometimes in the sun
The path is there for those who walk and those who like to run
You’re always in the middle ‘cause the path is never done
You can start the path at any point and end where you’ve begun