Bunker Door

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(left to right) Keyboards on Sylvester's first album and tour for Fantasy Records in 1977.

As "Ivory Hammer" I recorded a demo of three retro original songs in 1984.

45 rpm novelty funk/rap record, "49ers in the Super Bowl," from 1982. Vocals: Frank Biner

Piano score for an independent silent film called "Will Work" by Terry McGovern

A collection of unreleased original songs recorded in my home studio; all parts played by me.

Click on the link to listen/view video.


Ivory Hammer 49ers in the Super Bowl 45 Will Work film Dan at the Cedars

Loving Grows Up Slow 4:19

Down Down Down 5:14

Convertible 2:38

Independent Man 3:08

Lonely Woman 4:48

Will Work - Part 1 6:54

Will Work - Part 2 6:31

Too Smart 4:10
Heart Still Believes 2:48
Trophy Wives 3:19
World Where You Live 3:48
Cecilia 2:32
Thought I Told You 5:15
In You I Find 4:28
Run Daddy Run (solo) 2:50
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