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Classic Rock

I have performed with a number of Classic Rock bands, including two in my teenage years before migrating to the Bay Area in 1972. The longest-running was The Vanilla Extract (pictured above) with whom I played bass and sang from 1993 to 2008.

I've also played keyboard for The Doors Unlocked, a Doors tribute band, and Baby Boomer Flashback, a history of rock revue, as well as bass with Captain Paisley.

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The Vanilla Extract
Anne Zesiger

The Vanilla Extract demo - 2:18 mp3

Cinnamon Girl - 2:58 mp3

Can't Find My Way Home (Live) - 4:28 mp3
Dan Reich Band in gazebo Anne Zesiger
Today (bass & vocal) - 2:48 mp3 All Day & All of the Night (Live) - 2:37 mp3 Woodstock - 4:39 mp3
Rob+Michael The Doors Unlocked Captain Paisley
Find the Cost of Freedom/Ohio - 4:14 mp3 Light My Fire (organ) - 4:40 YouTube Feelin' All Right (bass) - 5:05 YouTube