Finding A Home was a blog I wrote when I was still new to the Bel Marin Keys neighborhood and was involved in marketing real estate there.
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Bel Marin Keys was conceived as a tropical oasis in the middle of suburbia, and few things say “tropical” like palm trees. And we have a stunning variety of palms and palm gardens…indeed, it is the juxtaposition of the palms with more traditional landscaping that gives Bel Marin Keys much of its unique charm... (Read more)


On one of those deliciously hot days last week, I finally realized a long-time ambition and took the kayak down Novato Creek in back of the houses across the street. On this day, I was amazed that no one else was on the lagoon…I had it all to myself. It’s a fairly painless proposition to get the kayak into the creek...(Read more)


As someone who loves both nature and residential architecture, I think it’s really noteworthy when the two can coexist in harmony. So when some dear friends offered us their Sea Ranch home on the ocean for three days, we jumped at the chance. I’ve been to Sea Ranch a number of times, and never fail to return relaxed and refreshed…... (Read more)