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My work with These Are Not My Hands expands the boundaries of the piano as an ensemble instrument, and often the boundaries of music itself. Alternately beautiful, hard-driving, haunting or cacophonous, I try to maintain the interplay between musicians by alternatively providing an interesting musical “backdrop” upon which to improvise, and taking the lead in directing spontaneous compositions created in real time, without any discussion, do-overs or map to our destination.

The clips below are taken from recent These Are Not My Hands sessions, and showcase a wide variety of playing styles, including some invented on the spot.

These Are Not My Hands is an improvisational collective of musicians and performers who gather at Studio P in Sausalito, California for the purpose of making spontaneously created soundscapes. Spoken word, baritone sax, dimestore percussion and occasionally, a theremin combine with more conventional instruments to weave unique musical tapestries.

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A slow-building, propulsive track featuring swirly piano, blocky chords, baritone sax, arty vocals and a theremin.

With nothing else going on, a quiet guitar plucks a few chords, and it turns into a full-on Latin Groove Thing. More of the Latin Groove Thing... wordless vocals appear here and there, giving it sort of a Getz/Gilberto vibe.
Surrealistic Emergency - 2:18 mp3 Tim Started It - 2:18 mp3 Latin Groove Thing - 2:35 mp3
An isolated piano track with a lot of swirly, echo-ey noodling, using the instrument's overtones to weave a tinkly web. An introspective selection with interplay between piano and horn, and slow, lush chords reminiscent of Bill Evans. A chugging, slightly ominous piece in which a vocalist coos "You'll be fine...until one fine day" over a dense music bed.
Swirly Noodly Reverby - 0:35 mp3 Bill Evans Mood - 0:45 mp3 You'll Be Fine - 2:13 mp3
Kind of a "Quiet Storm" jam with piano, sax and multi-lingual vocals, and a nicely drawn-out ending. A lively romp with Monk-ish chords, while a vocalist and baritone sax see who can make the weirdest low-register noises. Solo old-timey piano accompanied by a long-winded narrative and randomly appearing vocalists.
Standing On The Edge - 2:50 mp3 Whales On Acid - 1:47 mp3 The Cutest Dog I've Ever Seen - 1:47 mp3